We host your telescopes in accessible yet dark
southern hemisphere skies.

Astro Observatories Western Australia (AOWA) runs a dark sky astronomical facility in the Central Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Wide open horizons, southern hemisphere skies, and dark skies.

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Install your telescope in our purpose built facility, or build your own observatory, and make the most of dark southern hemisphere skies, accessing your equipment remote from your location.

Dark southern hemisphere skies, wide horizons

The Central Wheatbelt in Western Australia is known for it's wide, open and flat horizons, as well as its dark skies. Located approximately 150km from the city of Perth this dark sky location may be dark but remains easily accessible for servicing.

If you are looking to provide 24 hour coverage of the southern hemisphere night sky then having infrastructure located in Western Australia is extremely beneficial. Our geographical location is well situated in the southern hemisphere, longitudinally between the more populated eastern Australia and South Africa.

Our purpose built observatory maximises the available horizons while maintaining practical operating heights, protection from the elements and security.

You will not find darker skies, this accessible, in Western Australia. Our careful selection of a site after many years of searching has ensured the best balance on features - darkness, remoteness, connectivity, environment, comfort and aesthetics.

Remote operation, high speed Internet

A remote dark sky location does not necessarily mean lack of good Internet options. The site is well serviced by 4G LTE connections providing fast upload and download speeds, and available 4G LTE plans allow for significant data quotas. Individual connections per customer or shared connection are available options. Further options such as direct line of site microwave are possible you require it.

Privacy and Security

Our customers value their anonymity and privacy, and as such our observatory provides remote operation only with access strictly limited, and you will not see photographs of the observatory inside here. Various security orientated design features and 24x7 security monitoring give peace of mind.

Our site is located in the picturesque Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Farmland mixed with remnant bushland and ever-changing seasons make this a special place not just for remote astronomy. If you are looking to do astronomy in rural Western Australia but not invest in remote operation or build your own observatory please check out Astro Tourism Western Australia for more information.

What We Do

Telescope Hosting

Host your telescope in our purpose built observatory, for remote operation.

Observatory Hosting

Build your own observatory on-site and operate it as you choose remotely, or accessing it on-site as needed.


Through Astro Photography Australia Roger Groom runs astrophotography workshops at this fantastic dark site.